Kaleidoscope Update, Plus Alisa’s New Baby!

Posted By on Nov 6, 2013 | 0 comments

We have begun the long slow process of reward fulfillment. The first thing we’re doing is sending out all the tete-beche e-books. Everyone who pledged $5-$15 gets one of the two, and all backers at $25 and up get both! We’ve started sending out emails and messages to those of you who need to choose, or to those of you whose rewards choices are unclear. If you’re a backer, please check your e-mail and Pozible messages! In at least one case, we’ve had our e-mail bounce, so our attempt to deliver rewards wasn’t successful. Nooooes!

To those of you who haven’t heard from us yet, you will! We’re working our way through the list a little at a time, while also doing other things like editing other projects, reading Kaleidoscope submissions, and… having babies! Okay, just the one baby, but still. Alisa’s baby is out in the world and displaying a strong personality already. Here’s a picture:


Hurray, baby!

In other news, we ARE still open for submissions, so definitely keep that in mind, and share the submissions guidelines with anyone who might be interested. So far we’ve gotten more QUILTBAG characters than anything else, followed by characters of color. Both of those types of stories are awesome, and if you have one to share, by all means send it! Really, we mean that; we are not even close to making our final decisions. That said, we would also love to have more disabled characters and other diverse viewpoint characters in our to read pile, and we’re really hoping we get them!

That’s all for now, but we’ll let you know as we have more exciting Kaleidoscope news.