Free Fiction by Kaleidoscope Author, Sofia Samatar

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We are only $80 shy of the $4,000 mark in our Pozible campaign! When we hit that, we’ll do a special update, so please spread the word, and help us get there!

In the meantime, we thought you might like to read a contemporary YA fantasy story that we loved. “Selkie Stories Are For Losers” is by Sofia Samatar, who’s also written a FANTASTIC story for Kaleidoscope! Strange Horizons published this story in January of 2013, and Julia remembers all three fiction editors being enchanted by it from the first. They loved the story because of the main character’s voice and personality, the undercurrents of cultural identity and family dynamics, and the central relationship between the main character and her best friend. They also loved that this was a selkie story that focused on a different aspect of that trope than they normally see.

We wholeheartedly recommend this story, and are extra pleased to be able to point you to great free YA contemporary fantasy while we wait for Kaleidoscope to be fully funded. If you like it as much as we do, we bet you will LOVE Sofia’s Kaleidoscope story, too! We’ll have her thoughts about it on this blog a bit later in the month, so stay tuned.

For now, go read “Selkie Stories Are For Losers” and keep spreading the word about Kaleidoscope. We are SO CLOSE to $4,000. Let’s get there today!